Ramamangalam St.Jacobs Knanaya Syrian Valiya Pally is located just two furlongs south of Ramamangalam junction in Ernakulam –Koothattukulam road and it stands on a serener and spacious hillock, as the source of spirituality of thousands faithful.

St.Jacobs Knanaya Syrian church is situated at three acres of land in Ramamangalam distinguished for its scenic beauty near the bank of river Muvattupuzha in Ernakulam district. The church was constructed on kanni 25th, 1035 (in Malayalam era) in the name of St.Jacobs in addition to St.Mary and St.Joseph by 70 families. The church stands a pioneer in Knanaya community.

There are about 359 parishioners, who hails from Ramamangalam, Pambakkuda, Manied and Poothrika. The church which is the realization of laudable and magnificent sacrifice has 3 chapels and 6 kurushuadi under its wings.

1) Kalirikkal chapel

This chapel is located near hospital junction Ramamangalam.This is built by the entire Kananaya community in the name of St.George, Virgin Mary and St.Parumala Thirumeni The holy mass is conducted on every second Saturday.The church festival is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd to commomerate St. Parumala Kochu Thirumeni.

2) Paare Kurizhu chapel

It was built in the name of St.Sebastian & St.Thomas in 1905.The church festival is celebrated to commemorate prophe.jonah which falls in 3 day Lend. The holy mass is on the third Saturday of every month

3) korankadavu chapel

This chapel is built in the name of St.Peters & St.Pauls, January 15th is celebrated as the commemeration day of St.Mary.

Sunday schools

There are two Sunday schools working under the direct supervision of the church.

1)St.Jacob’s Sunday school: which has classes from 1 to 10 and is situated in the church premises itself..

2)St.George Sunday school: which runs in kalarickal kurizhu pally in Ramamangalam hospital junction has also classes from 1 to 10.

St.Jacob’s public school

St.Jacob’s public school which is spreading light of knowledge and wisdom enriches the minds of the multitude.

Fund for the destitute

A fund rising is done for the betterment of the destitute and a good amount is allocated and distributed to the applicants on merits.

Christmas rally

Christmas rally which is organized by the church is one of the best in Ernakulam district and is conducted under the joint aegis of the two Sunday schools in which different choir groups from the church,the literary and cultural clubs take part.

St.Jacob's Knanaya Syrian Valiya Pally remains as the beckon shedding the light of peace and prosperity to the land of Ramamangalam..